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Revolutionary Threads: Rastafari, Social Justice, and Cooperative Economics (Akashic Books) is the new book penned by Bobby Sullivan, whose band Soulside was one of the Dischord (a label as important as SST and Alternative Tentacles) bands of the mid-1980s, alongside Scream and Fugazi, that committed themselves to the politics of punk as much as the artful sound and fury of the music. As Kirkus Reviews just noted: “A post-hardcore rock star, community activist, and social justice intellectual Bobby Sullivan offers an alternative look at countercolonial history through the lens of the Rastafari movement…Sullivan offers a vibrant examination of American and African history with an anti-colonial patina, colored by episodes from the lives of fascinating and often controversial figures in both the past and contemporary history…An engaging and challenging read.”

Bobby Sullivan grew up in the Washington, DC, punk scene, fueled by Rasta rockers Bad Brains and the foundational Minor Threat. His most notable band continues to be Soulside (of which he is the singer), which had multiple releases on Dischord Records. Along the way, Sullivan became an activist, working with Food Not Bombs, the Anarchist Black Cross political prisoner support network, and a Rasta prison ministry. He currently manages a retail grocery co-op and sits on the board of the National Co+op Grocers. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his family.

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