Close Back to Cactus


Honoring the 10th Anniversary of the Death of Randy “Biscuit” Turner of the Big Boys (as well as the death of Elvis Presley!)

Rare art, flyers, photography, and ephemera curated by David Ensminger and John Anderson.
Featuring DJ Sonic Reducer playing a Handful of Hits: Biscuit LPs, plus the singer’s faves!

Bona fide maverick Randy “Biscuit” Turner was a gay Texas singer (Big Boys, Cargo Cult, Swing King, Texas Biscuit Bombs) and self-taught visionary artist in the DIY punk vein, actor, and prop decorator whose life even inspired Mayor Will Wynne of Austin to declare October 8th in honor of the man that writer Jeff Derringer has dubbed “the original poster child for the slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird.’” Turner’s career spanned the era of cosmic cowboy mid-1970’s Austin, which he loathed, favoring hard psyche rock and funk, and the burgeoning new music scene of the late 1970s to the 2000s, when the new music scene splintered into factions ranging from cowpunk and hardcore to indie and roots rock. Along the way, Biscuit took cues from former volatile art punks like Exene Cervenka from Los Angeles, various avant-garde art movements that dared to disrupt conventions and norms, and the keen mishmash style of local poster makers. In doing so, he forged a genuine, homegrown East Texas surrealism that spoke volumes about being a true outsider. As maker of so-called marginal art, he never fit the frustrating clichés that tend to brand homosexuality, punk rock, and the Lone Star state. This pop-up exhibition will honor and celebrate him by presenting rarely seen original art, letters, poems, flyers, and ephemera. DJ Sonic reducer will also be spinning vinyl featuring Biscuit along with nuggets preferred by the lauded singer too.

Refreshing Saint Arnold beverages will be served.


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