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BIG BILL – TUESDAY, 6/5/18 @ 5:30PM

Big Bill was formed in 2011 by brothers Eric and Cody Braden, along with their old high school buddy David Fitzhugh. They developed a particular sound, at once aggressive and sardonic, straightforward yet kinda nonsensical, based on a worship of bands such as The Monks and Big Boys, and a tendency to go for long walks in the sun and let their brains melt. Various lineup changes (due to illness and life) later, Big Bill continue to sharpen their edge in the wonderful world of Austin underground music, performing many times at Hotel Vegas, Cheer Up Charlie’s, Beerland, Barracuda, The Mohawk, Sahara Lounge, Swan Dive, The Sidewinder, etc. Longtime drummer Alan Lauer is a powerhouse drummer with elegant precision and a clock-like mind. Alex Riegelman plays bass like a pit stop crew changes a tire: fast, efficient, and with flair. They continue to write and record, and are looking to release their debut LP sometime in 2017.


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