Close Back to Cactus


Winner of the Best Electronic Act Music Award 2013 in Houston.The trio formed in early 2012 and have since shared the stage with Active Child,Washed Out,Twin Shadow,Com Truise, and have even been compared to the likes of the Pixies,M83 and Moby. Together they perform dreamy tunes steeped in nostalgia and seduction for a dynamic,modern experience. 

“Each song is a crescendo that never ends, an undulating wave that drowns like a movie score’s big moment stuck in a tail-eating loop” – Impose Magazine

“Each song has a clear place on the album, the record flows well and effortlessly.” -FPH

“a dark, electronic, hazy/shiny, seductive-yet-dangerous album of music to get you through those late, late nights” -SCR

“Este disco cumple su cometido, ser ese soundtrack para un recorrido nocturno por la ciudad.” – Indie Rocks Mex.

“synthy swirls and chilled-out tempo ooze 80s downtown, post-punk-club cool. There are moments in the tune where singer Elizabeth Salazar’s voice is a dead-ringer for Madonna.” – Austinist


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