Close Back to Cactus


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After many years of contributing songs to the monstrous dark folk miscreation listenlisten, Ben Godfrey has branched off into a more careful calculated sound. Focusing on lyrical content and sparse arrangements, these songs highlight a personal exploration of foggy memories and strange metaphors.


Ben Godfrey wrote and toured nationally with listenlisten since 2005, performing on a handful of radio shows – including Day Trotter – released 2 full length albums, and a debut EP. 2009’s “Hymns From Rhodesia” received great press, with Rolling Stone calling it “a spellbinding collection of country-gospel songs haunted by loneliness and loss.”, and eMusic ranked it #39 in their Best 60 Albums of 2009 saying, “Gorgeous folk-rock … the good kind of sad — a sympathetic voice to guide you through a crash-landing at the end of the world.”.

Over the past few years he has been fortunate enough to share the stage with some of his favorite artists, including: Phosphorescent, Daniel Johnston, The Dodos, Samamidon, Fog, Bower Birds, The Donkeys, AU, Shapes and Sizes, Dark Dark Dark, The Baptist Generals, Robert Ellis, Buxton, and Peter & the Wolf.

Godfrey is now focused on B.E. Godfrey. Expect to see a steady stream of singles, artwork, and an always growing live arrangement.

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