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“When Love Ends, Be The Water is autobiographical. A musical interpretation [of] one of the weirdest weekends of my life,” says Rene. “We didn’t want to approach the story head-on like a musical, but to support each song with the context of my life and what it meant to us.”

At the heart of When Love Ends, Be The Water, is a love story. “Yeah,” Rene explains, “the romance of being young and single is confusing enough for anybody, and that’s what is driving every song, but when you’re a Progressive Chicano in South Texas, everything about interacting with each other becomes stranger. And we wanted to have that feeling in and under every song. Because that’s how life is for us.

“I don’t think I could talk about our lives honestly if we didn’t add these extra filters around our songs. Love stories are universal, but a love story in the South is weighted differently for people like us, trapped between worlds. Between Cultures. We live in constant tension to belong and to be individuals. Of participating, and having all this extra weight on everything we do. For us, it’s an inescapable conflict to stand our ground without starting a fight. “

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