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Up close and personal with one of the world’s all-time greatest guitarists . . .

It may be difficult to say anything about Stevie Ray Vaughan that hasn’t already been said. The skinny kid from Oak Cliff, on the south side of Dallas, who followed his older brother Jimmie in and out of local blues clubs and eventually to Austin, would go on to establish himself as certainly the greatest Texas guitarist of his generation, and perhaps the best of all time, anywhere. Vaughan’s monster technique, his impeccable sense of style and phrasing, and above all, his deep love and respect for the music placed him, for some critics, above even the legendary Jimi Hendrix. The magic he summoned from his fretboard, night after night, endeared him to hordes of fans and won him near-divine status among guitarists. Vaughan’s music continues to inspire, baffle, intimidate, and enthrall almost three decades after his passing.

For all the flare and flash of his onstage persona, Vaughan was a humble man who gave his all to his playing—and he played all the time; that’s what he lived for. He loved music intensely and it showed.What others have attempted to portray in prose, photographer Tracy Anne Hart has captured in imagery. From 1983 until just before his untimely death in 1990, Hart followed Vaughan to the venues he frequented, enabling her to craft a photographic mosaic of Vaughan as he amazed his listeners and connected with the souls of his fans—of whom Hart counts herself as chief. The result is a deeply personal and intensely visual portrait of Stevie Ray Vaughan that tells us almost as much about the photographer behind the camera as it does about the musician in front. Through Hart’s eyes and mind, readers will experience the genius of Vaughan in an entirely new way.

Hart also provides a glimpse at Vaughan’s legacy, offering images and observations of some of the next generation of blues guitarists who consider Vaughan a principal influence. The sum of her efforts comprises a work that offers a visual feast for guitar enthusiasts and music fans in Texas and beyond.Enjoy the photographs, and remember to listen to Stevie’s music as often and as loudly as possible!

About The Author — TRACY ANNE HART, a professional photographer since 1979, is the owner of The Heights Gallery ( Her photographs of music legends—and particularly of Stevie Ray Vaughan—have been exhibited in galleries and other venues in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Portland. Her work has graced album and DVD covers, billboards, and other media.

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