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ADAM ELARA – SATURDAY, 11/2/19 @ 1:00 PM

Adam Elara, Houston, TX-based musician, actor, runway model, and soon-to-be comic book author, has set a date for the release of Origin Story- October 30th. Adam’s work is exceptional when it comes to lyrics and subject matter, and his talent is further emphasized by the fact that he composes and records everything himself. His latest release, Swiping For Love, is a clever pop-punk take on the dating app scene and it is accompanied by a hilariously relatable music video. Recently a UK blog GigRadar picked up on his creativity and attributed his ability to effortlessly hop across genres of music to his career as an independent solo artist. As a second-generation Muslim American who has also lived abroad in a number of different countries, he is able to draw on specific personal experiences to analyze and critique certain aspects of society in a deeply thoughtful way. In his upcoming EP, Origin Story, a song “Big Man” features two other male-identifying artists as they take on the topic of domestic violence; challenging concepts of masculinity through a genre-bending ballad. “Halal Alcohol” is a highlight track as well, featuring gender-nonconforming artist Wade in the Sonic Joy, the song address hypocrisy in organized religion with specific attention to violence against the LGBTQ community. Origin Story named one of the Top 14 Highly-Anticipated Albums in 2019 by the Houston Press, will also be accompanied by a comic book authored and illustrated entirely by Adam.

On top of his own creative projects, Adam Elara is also an activist and a genuine force for positive action in his community. He helped to raise a quarter-million dollars during a TCF charity event to build schools overseas. He has been working with photographers and models in and around Texas to expose perpetrators of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry diligently for a number of years. The community that he is cultivating in Houston is one full of collaboration between artists, one that continuously strives to uncover and share the truth, all while maintaining a vegan straight-edge lifestyle.

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