Def Perception Music formed in late 2012 to create a carefully crafted mix of golden era and contemporary hip-hop. Rapid-fire true-to-life lyrics are accompanied by live instrumentation from the hands of heavy hitters in Houston’s music scene. Although Def Perception’s sound is familiar to hip-hop fans across the globe, the band remains loyal to components of Houston hip-hop that led to the city’s recognition as an integral part of popular music. At all corners, Def Perception is comprised of musicians with a knack for composing and producing hip-hop, soul and gospel music. During the creative process, Def Perception provides a platform from which each member can contribute outside of their expertise. The result is music played with the precision of an expert and the heart of a hip-hop lover.


Texas has a dirty secret creeping up from the Dirty Bay. Although it’s affecting the air right now…it’s not toxic. The stories you will hear confront a toxic subject but you will likely enjoy the journey whether you’re skimming the surface or digging in deep.

The sound will demand your attention while warming your heart. Even on the haunting songs you’ll find yourself singing like a child. An effective and rich bed of harmony supports every note. It seems impossible for a two minute long song spit out 21 chords yet never get in the way of the melody. No, this is not jazz. This music is for everybody!

This is rock music from a band known as THE BRUNSON THEATER! The music native to Texas new and old covers a wide variety of styles but the forbidden music that’s been spinning around the Dirty Bay for a while recently spawned a piece of work incompatible with any southern musical heritage.

With veteran musician, Ryan Guidry, singing, writing and arranging the album promises to be one of the most melodically infectious and satisfying rock records of the past 15 years. Imagine Peter Gabriel era Genesis sung with Justin Hayward’s (Moody Blues) timbre cross pollinating with The Beach Boys and Radiohead into a palatable flowing collection of songs informed by The Beatles.


Kristal Cherelle is a 24 year old singer-songwriter, native Oklahoman currently residing in Houston, Tx.

Her soulful music has been classified as having a classic timeless quality that belies her age but still manages to be relevant today.

Her music encompasses powerful complex vocal lines, 5 part harmonies, and in depth lyricism.

Whether you’re here to explore new music, find a musician for an upcoming event, or just happened to stumble across and have no idea how you got here…you’ve come to the right place!


The Core Trio was part of the the avant garde quartet Rosta. After the break up of the that group,The Core Trio formed in 2004. With the line up of Seth Paynter-saxes, Richard Cholakian – drums and bassist/leader Thomas Helton, The Core Trio began to develop their unique stye of compositional style of improv.

In 2013 TCT recorded their first CD with New York pianist and long time friend, Robert Boston. “Robert is one of the few musicians that can appreciate the controlled chaos pacing of the trio. Shortly after the release, drummer Richard Cholakian left the group. After much consideration the group moved on and hired Joe Hertenstein to replace him. With Hertenstein, the trio played a very successful series of shows in NY at Downtown Music Gallery, Freedys Backroom, Goodbye Blue Monday and Douglas Street Collective.

While in NY the trio recorded their new Record with piano great Matthew Shipp to be released summer
2014.They are planning a trio record soon as well as another collaboration with trombonist Steve Swell.


Texas blues guitarist James Henry has been called “Houston’s best kept secret” for years. After being a sideman and band member of groups for over two decades, Henry steps out on his own with the 2014 release of his aptly titled debut album, Live Album, on Molken Music. Live Album is a blisteringly intense blues guitar smackdown, recorded at the For the Community Festival 7 at Last Concert Café in Houston, TX (2/22/14). Backing James is rhythm section Thurman Robinson on bass and Mike Morris (of C.J. Chenier fame) on drums.

James got his start at the age of 17 when he met and was mentored by Houston music legend Jerry Lightfoot and eventually started playing with him. James also began playing the regional blues circuit with Pearl Murray, beginning in 1993. James then formed the band Shadowcasters, who were mainstays on the blues scene from 1993 to 2010 and ultimately released one album, It Takes Time, in 2002.

James also currently plays guitar for bandleader Steve Krase, filling the guitar spot for the past ten years. As a result, James took home the 2012 “Houston’s Best Guitarist” award in Houston Press. Through his association with Krase, James has also become the live guitarist for national blues singer Trudy Lynn. As if all of this isn’t enough to keep James busy, he’s also the guitarist in the reformed version of Texas psychedelic band, The Golden Dawn, led by George Kinney. (Their lone album was released by International Artists in 1968.)

As part of these bands listed above, James has opened for many major artists over the last 20 years, including: Bobby “Blue” Bland, Ian Moore, Delbert McClinton, Jerry Lacroix, Nick Gravenites, Chris Duarte, Johnny Winter, Pat Travers, Ray Price, Johnny Lee, and Roy Head.
James is also a current member of the avant-garde ambient guitar group Xenuphobe, alongside Ty Tabor (of King’s X) and Wally Farkas (former guitarist of Galactic Cowboys).

James Henry’s Live Album is now available on randomly-mixed color vinyl LPs and comes with a free download card containing links for the entire album in both CD-res WAV files and 320 kbps MP3 files, album artwork, and exclusive, bonus ambient track.

7HORSE – TUESDAY, 8/12 @ 5:30PM

Blues-Rock-Cosmic Country-infused-Duo with edge, passion, and soul –Son House/Keith Richards/Black Keys meets a next door neighbor of the Ramones high on Led Zeppelin.

7Horse began as a hypothetical: What if, longtime band mates Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt thought, we bury our musical past and see if we can discover rock ’n’ roll’s Ground Zero?

That question having been explored in bold fashion on their 2011 debut “Let the 7Horse Run,” the blues duo returns with an even deeper sense of purpose on the follow-up, “Songs for a Voodoo Wedding” (due June 10). The larger question: What if the mission were not to locate rock ’n’ roll’s chewy center, but to find and channel their own personal identities?


If there’s a performer today that embodies the oft-applied moniker of “songwriter’s songwriter” it’s Houston favorite, Matt Harlan. With songs that are already well known in many circles Harlan’s studio work is just beginning to make its mark with his debut studio release, “Tips & Compliments”.

Matt’s songwriting has been getting some recognition lately with his album debuting at #1 on the Euro Americana Charts, awards from the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Billboard World Songwriting Contest, American Songwriter Magazine, the Wildflower Arts & Music Festival, Snowbird Mountain Music Festival and as a Regional New Folk winner at Kerrville.

You can also catch Matt featured alongside Texas music legends Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, Nanci Griffith and others in the recent documentary, For the Sake of the Song.


Revered roots music troubadour Seth Walker recently took up residency in New Orleans. Upon his relocation the Big Easy, the North Carolina-native completed a trifecta for time spent living in hallowed southern music cities. His journey began in Austin where he fast became a staple of the Texas blues scene. He’d later relocate to Nashville to absorb its rich songwriting history. Clearly, however, it is the influence of his current home in NOLA that inspired the gospel-soaked fervor and gritty guitar burn at the core of his latest album, Sky Still Blue. Abetted by producer Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers), Walker revels in the devil-on-my-trail grizzle and longing blue notes that make songs like ‘Trouble,’ ‘High Wire’ and ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’ resonate so convincingly. Yet, as Walker’s fans have come to expect, there s always a sweet melody, a turn of phrase wrapped in a wink-and-a-smile or an undeniable pop hook close at hand. Sky Still Blue is a masterful work conveyed through Walker’s expressive, soul-burnished voice, agile guitar artistry and impeccable southern songwriting, all of which have garnered him a reputation as one of the most acclaimed modern roots artists in the country over the last decade.

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