VODI – SATURDAY, 12/23/17 @ 1:00PM

Vodi is a 6 piece indie rock band based out of Houston, TX featuring ambient keys, driving rhythms, effortless hooks and a nostalgic sound.

“IF FLEETWOOD MAC produced a soundtrack to Stranger Things, it would sound a whole lot like local Houston band Vodi’s debut album, Talk. Released earlier this month, the ’80s-inspired record showcases husband-and-wife duo Tom and Haley Lynch’s undeniable chemistry and swoon-worthy harmonies.

Both seasoned in Texas’ music scene (Haley also moonlights as folk princess Dollie Barnes and Tom has been around the block a time or two), the songs on Talk helped bring the two together romantically and musically, allowing the band to produce the ethereal nine-track album without complaints.” Laura Furr Mericas


In-store performance to promote our latest release “Aliens EP” and the upcoming album “Here We Are”. Join us and get your holiday shopping done at one of the coolest local stores in Houston. Refreshments will be provided by Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

Mystery Loves Company is a touring and recording Chamber Rock duo and band from Houston, Texas. “I was practically mesmerized by this duo. The sound from the electric cello, the percussive acoustic, and the perfect pitch harmonies would rivet one to the stage at times.”
-George Douglas Lee, Island Guide Magazine


Sergio [Trevino] performs several tunes from “A Very Sergio Christmas Album” to help himself and others work through the confusion and the complications that come with Christmas as you get older and more removed from the wonder of childhood. He confessed that he’d grown up enjoying Christmas and the spirit of the holiday like most people but as he’s grown older, he‘s become more confused about how Christmas is supposed to feel. He said writing the songs for “A Very Sergio Christmas Album” has brought him back a little bit to what Christmas is supposed to mean. -Bob Langham (


We are kids who make cool music in Houston, TX.

“Lazer Kittenz is the duo of Rocket and Eliot, who come straight out of Girls Rock Camp Houston. While they don’t have music out just yet and aren’t playing the big venues, they also can’t have even reached their teens yet. That being said, their set at this year’s Poison Girl Cocktail Lounge anniversary show was pretty impressive, and they’ve already played with Houston punk legends Mydolls Music. Keep an eye out for these two, if not only because of the fact that they could easily run this town one day based on the fact that they’ve gotten their start at such a young age.” DAVID GARRICK

BULLY – SATURDAY, 12/9 @ 4:00PM

In rock – as in life – change is unavoidable, often painful, but ultimately necessary, and Alicia Bognanno and her band Bully have dealt with a lot of it since their debut record Feels Like hit in 2015. Now with a new label and another couple years worth of life experience, the 12 new songs on Losing feel like perfect anthems for a generation still learning to harness the power of resistance. With a vocal style that is as pretty as it is powerful, and emotionally resonant lyrics, Alicia channels the loss of innocence and reveals a raw honesty in songs that are distinctly hers.

I love Bully the way I love Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr and the Breeders. Their sound takes me back to the stripped down and thoughtfully engineered songs that haunt me long after they’re gone and never get old. Another good reason to be with Sub Pop, who have always been associated with music that is built to last.

I feel like all my best work has been born of heartbreak and upheaval; maybe most musicians feel that way. “The title of the record –Losing – kind of says it all,” Alicia says. “After being on the road so long and coming back to Nashville we all had a lot of changes going on in our personal lives that we were trying to deal with / adjust to and that was really the motivation for this one.”

“Feel the Same” is about being stuck in the claustrophobia of a manic state of mind. It’s Alicia’s favorite song to scream. “Seeing It,” she says, is about the unique anxiety and vigilance about personal safety that comes with being a woman: “Such a blurring place to be / stuck in your own body.” Lately Alicia has been lending her voice as an advocate for gun control, women’s rights and speaking out in support of animal rights. In some ways my generation were in a bubble in the 90s; I never gave any thought to what Bill Clinton was up to, for instance – but in 2017, Losing sounds like a personal and necessary call to arms to me; we need rock n roll now more than ever.

– By Patty Schemel


The year was 1989 and a call came forth to go out into the world with a message of hope for all. Galactic Cowboys heeded the call when they climbed into a 1973 Vista Cruiser to support their friends, King’s X for a brief tour. In 1991 when their first album was released on DGC Records, the world got a taste of something they’d never experienced before – musical genius rarely seen in the decade of the 1990s. Unaffected by musical trends, they continued to spread joy through melodious metal while signed to Metal Blade Records until the year 2000. At that time, they were called away on a secret mission which took them out of our musical world and into worlds unknown. In the year 2017 Mascot Label Group has asked them to make a triumphant return to earth with one mission in mind, to save the musical universe!

Ready or not, here come Galactic Cowboys!


Omotai was founded in Houston in 2010 by guitarist Sam Waters, drummer Anthony Vallejo, and bassist Melissa Lonchambon. The band recorded their debut release, Peace Through Fear, within two weeks of formation; this confrontational EP drew on both modern heavy underground rock, ranging from Keelhaul to High on Fire, and the early industrial sounds of Godflesh and Skullflower, and was bolstered by Vallejo’s unscalable wall of noise. Omotai’s first West Coast tour followed only a few short months later.

Over the next four years, Omotai completed two LPs that showcased impressive stylistic evolution, first into the violent but purposeful hardcore of 2012’s Terrestrial Grief, and then the patient, layered sludge metal of 2014’s Fresh Hell. During post-production on the latter, the trio recruited Jamie Ross, a shockingly adept post-rock guitarist with unique harmonic sensibilities that provided for an immense expansion in the band’s sound. Vallejo departed in 2014 and was replaced by journeyman punk drummer (and Waters’ previous collaborator) Daniel Mee, whose staggered blasts and dynamic finesse tempered the band’s brute force.

After touring with the new lineup, Omotai threw themselves into the writing process for what would become their fourth and most expansive album, A Ruined Oak. A meditation on the lost colony at Roanoke, the record centers on abandonment and responsibility, the lyrics haunted by loss and violence. This sprawling, diverse work shows a greater range than anything the band has done before, with songs drawing from thrash, doom, sludge, extreme metal, hardcore punk, and post-rock. A Ruined Oak is due out in 2017.


Native to Houston, TX, Chris Lively began songwriting in the late 2000’s with a focus on lyricism and melody underpinned by euphonic chording and a blend of folk/blues/Americana-inspired rhythms and instrumentation. His oftentimes hypnotic and dynamic songs can both introspectively calm you and energetically tug at your heart. If they don’t, they’ll at least be stuck in your head.

October 2017 ushered in the release of Lively’s second full-length album, Distance. Replete with spacious vocals, emotive lyrics, layered guitars, and meditative finger-picking, Distance is not a far departure Chris’s previous work. However, the new album contains a unique character and feel that reflect an artist who has certainly evolved and is no stranger to traversing new terrain, both instrumentally and thematically. In addition to featuring diversified instrumentation with performances by other musicians on piano, percussion, violin, and steel guitar, Distance is a soulful and often twangy album that swings as it delicately balances a haunting quality with an optimistic lightheartedness.


Kyle Hubbard is a hip-hop artist from Houston, TX with a style that stresses strength in lyrics through an accessible presentation. Hubbard was nominated “Best Underground Rapper” in the 2010 & 2012 Houston Press Music Awards. His debut album, “You’re Not That Special”, won several awards in 2012 and was ranked third on Houston Chronicle’s “Top 10 Albums 2012” list. After a lengthy hiatus, Hubbard returned to Houston hip-hop with his new EP “Majestic Hotel”. The EP cracked the top 10 on Houston Press’ “Top 15 Rap Tapes of 2015” list. In 2016, Hubbard was an official SXSW performer and was noted by Billboard as one of the artists keeping Houston hip-hop alive. He was also nominated in the “Reader’s Choice” category of the 2016 Houston Press Music Awards. In 2017, Hubbard returned to SXSW for his second consecutive year as an official performer and was listed as one of Houston Press’ “50 Houston Music People We Love.” His sound has positioned him to be the South’s answer to Atmosphere with a bit of Phonte’s every-man lyricism sprinkled in.


Count Vaseline is an alternative rock project founded in 2016 by songwriter, musician, and producer ’Stefan Murphy’ during a creative spell in Berlin Germany. Following only a handful of live appearances in Germany, Count Vaseline decamped to the US to begin working on what would quickly become his first album ‘Yo No Soy Marinero’. The narrative of the record is very personal and details a difficult phase in Murphy’s life and creativity as well as a celebration of his trials and tribulations in Berlin.
‘’They almost let me into the Berghain, but then they got wise ‘when I accidentally puked in the Bouncers eyes” – Divebombing

Making the decision to stay in the US was closely followed by a Presidential election that was going to send the universe into something of a tailspin. The rise of Donald Trump as well as a lot of depressing reading about the cyclical patterns in world politics quickly gave birth to The Count’s second album, the very minimal ‘Cascade’.

“No Politics exists that will protect you from the horror of these times” – Cascade

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom ‘Russia’, the forthcoming single is designed to make the people dance!! The song was inspired by the documentary film ‘Hypernormalization’ and is a personal account of two lovers trying to break free from the constraints of the modern world. The song is deliberately performed at 117 beats per minute, the same BPM as Quincy Jones / Michael Jacksons magnum opus ‘Billie Jean’, one of the most danceable tunes in history.

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